Arduino compile error: the filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect

GetFileAttributesEx D:\Arduino\libraries\SdFat/SdInfo.h 
D:\Arduino\libraries\SdFat/SdSpi.h: The filename, directory name,
 or volume label syntax is incorrect.

The error message above started cropping up shortly after I upgraded to Arduino 1.6.8 on Windows 7 x64. The cause seems to be due to some folder becoming locked in the Arduino compile pathway. One solution seems to be to close the Arduino software, restart it, and attempt to compile again. The program will compile ONCE, and then lock up and fail on a second compile attempt.

This Arduino forum thread recounts the same error:

Another workaround seems to be switching the board type (Tools>Board) to another type (for example, switch from Arduino/Genuino Uno to Arduino Pro), running a compile operation, and then switching back to your correct board type (switch back to Arduino/Genuino Uno) to compile again. This may take less time than closing and restarting the Arduino software on your machine.