• Little screws

    This is for no one else’s benefit but my own. These are the little screws from McMaster-Carr that are useful for screwing into the mounting holes in Pelican cases and similar knock-off watertight gear boxes.

  • Accessing NOAA tide data with R (updated 2021)

    It’s been a decade since I wrote a script to retrieve observed tide height data from NOAA’s CO-OPS server, which lets you grab up to a month of tide data for a given tide station at a time. In that time, they’ve migrated over to a new server and slightly different API, so it’s probably […]

  • Open Wave Height Logger paper

    After a prolonged period of development, we’ve finally put out an article in Limnology and Oceanography: Methods detailing our Open Wave Height Logger project (OWHL). This paper walks through the motivations for the project (low-cost, long-duration water pressure data logging so that we can know what the waves were like at a field site) and […]