Open Wave Height Logger paper

After a prolonged period of development, we’ve finally put out an article in Limnology and Oceanography: Methods detailing our Open Wave Height Logger project (OWHL). This paper walks through the motivations for the project (low-cost, long-duration water pressure data logging so that we can know what the waves were like at a field site) and the variety of tests we went through during development.

The paper itself is freely available via open access here: along with an extensive supplement. We’ve also put the OWHL hardware & software files, plus the data used in the paper, and the R code used to analyze the data and generate the figures in a Zenodo archive available here: For the OWHL hardware and software, future updates will be located in the OWHL project Github repository:

If all of that information is too voluminous to go through at once, we’ve also been putting up most of the supplementary material on the website.

The analysis of the OWHL data makes use of two R packages that I have written. For the initial data import and cleaning, I use the functions in the owhlR package available on my Github account: . To process the (cleaned and concatenated) pressure data into summary wave statistics, there are functions available in the oceanwaves package available on the central R repository at, or the development version found here:

If you’re thinking about building your own OWHL, or designing an offshoot version, questions about the design and programming can be directed to me.