USB extension cables

Here’s a standard USB webcam sitting on top of 30 meters of USB extension cables (three 10 meter cables). Three cables daisy chained together with the webcam attached to the end seems to be the functional limit. Adding a 4th 10-meter cable results in the camera not being recognized.

30 meters of cable powering a USB webcam, which is taking its self-portrait in the mirror.

These 10 meter extension cables, also called “repeater” cables, are available for around $10 apiece. We’ve been using them to run a webcam out in the intertidal zone to watch limpets and snails crawl around all day and night.

A USB webcam mounted in plumbing pipe, strapped to a tripod, mounted to the rock. The daisy-chained USB extender cables run back up to shore where a computer can record images.